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The Watson Group is a full-service marketing communications company working with a diverse client base since 1994. 

While we specialize in social marketing services for organizations seeking to change health behavior and prevent violence, we also offer particular expertise in emotional branding and corporate identity, web development and web marketing, cause-related marketing, and corporate community engagement.

Our agency capabilities include:
Strategy and Research
• Social Marketing
• Branding and Identity
• Emotional Branding
• Cause-Related Marketing
• Market Research
• Strategic Planning
• Web Development and Marketing
• Values-based Leadership
• Multicultural Marketing
• Web Design
• Advertising and Design
• Writing and Technical Writing
• Direct Marketing
• Photography and Illustration
• Multilingual Communications
• PR and Media Relations
• Forging Public-private Partnerships
• Business-to-Business Communications
• Web Outreach and Media
• Corporate Community Engagement

We have a network of partners whom we turn to for additional services and expertise, so please feel free to inquire about services you do not see listed here.

The Power of Social Marketing
Social marketing is the use of marketing to persuade people to voluntarily change behavior, especially to promote health or prevent violence.

We believe in the power of social marketing because it goes beyond raising awareness and focuses on actually changing behavior. Using social marketing, we have successfully helped clients to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Social marketing begins with listening to the target audience—really listening and being willing to set aside one’s assumptions. We do this by conducting detailed and thoughtful research with the target audience, and then translating what we hear into creative marketing materials.

We are committed to a creative process that is faithful to the research, and that’s why we pay close attention to the thoughts, feelings, aspirations and fears of the audience, and rely on the very words, phrases and images the audience says they find persuasive.  

We don’t aim to convert the audience to our way of thinking, but rather to adapt the marketing to the perceptions already resident in their hearts and minds.