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Since 1994, The Watson Group has been successfully serving clients using a collaborative team approach to projects. The advantage to clients of this approach is that we are able to tap highly-skilled people to contribute their talent very strategically. Project teams are selected with the best interests of the client and marketing goals in mind. These teams of independent consultants ensure clients do not pay steep overhead costs just to keep highly-skilled people busy, nor suffer a compromise in quality because junior staff members are assigned to their work.

In providing services to clients, and in our own community engagement activities, we are known for our ability to find common ground in the goals of the business, government and nonprofit communities, and create marketing initiatives that advance shared interests.

State of Minnesota, Department of Health
State of Minnesota, EPA/Office of Environmental Assistance
University of Minnesota
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
RWJF Turning Point Program
New York Department of Health/HCRI
Maine Department of Health/Medical Care Development
Randolph Hospital, NC/Randolph County Healthy Weight for Children Project
Virginia Department of Health
Colorado Department of Health
Kentucky Public Health Leadership Institute
South Carolina Hospital Association
Second Harvest Heartland
NorthPoint Health & Wellness/Breathe Free North
Stop It Now! Minnesota
JOBS NOW Coalition
Brady Consulting Corporation
Kirby Marketing Solutions
The Fehlig Group
Business for Social Responsibility
Responsible Minnesota Business